A Step by Step Guide to Your New Cricut Setup || Setup Windows, Mac & PC

Are you wondering what a Cricut device is and what does it do? Visit to get the ultimate guide for your Cricut machine setup. You might have come to check what’s all the fuss about, or you might be thinking about getting one. In either case, you will need a proper machine setup procedure. So, we will guide you through unboxing the machine and downloading essential Cricut software or apps. For your new Cricut machine, create your online account at

How to Properly Set Up Your New Cricut Machine?

If you are a craft person and looking for new devices to explore the crafting experience, Cricut is the one for you. It can cut, score, write, print, engrave and customize over 300 materials with the desired layout. Stay close to the modernized world for personal or 2. professional purposes with the different versions of the Cricut machine. Now, let’s get started with the setup of a Cricut model.
3. First, you need to select your material to start the cutting process.
4. Then, you will have to place the material on the sticky mat.Here, the sticky mat holds the material to get the refined design out of the machine.
5. Now place your material and the mat into the machine.After that, download the Design Space from
6. Next, choose a design for the cutting material.
7. After choosing the design, modify the materials settings and send the designs to the machine.Click the button on top of the Cricut machine.
8. Once the cutting process is complete, remove the mat and material.

How to Connect Cricut Maker 3 and Explore 3 to Windows?

If you see a notification “Connect to Computer via Bluetooth” on your screen, your Cricut model has detected an AMD Ryzen chip on your computer. If such a function has been detected in your system, make sure to use the Bluetooth connectivity method.
1. Ensure that your Cricut Explore or Maker device is switched on.Keep the machine and your system within 10-15 feet of your computer.
2. Make sure that the Bluetooth Adapter is inserted if you use Explore One or Explore machine.
3. Most devices are Bluetooth-enabled.But if you require to check the availability of Bluetooth in your system, right-click on the Start button or learn to do it via
4. After that, go to the Device Manager.
5. If Bluetooth appears as listed on your screen, your device is Bluetooth-enabled. If not, you need to get a Bluetooth Dongle device to enable your system to connect with other devices.
6. Now, close the Device Manager.Go to the Start menu and choose the option Settings.
7. Open the Devices option.Make sure that the Bluetooth is ON and click Add Bluetooth or other devices.
8. Tap on Bluetooth and wait for the computer to detect your Cricut machine.
9. Select the name of your machine from the list.If your screen asks for a code, type “0000.”Then, choose the option Connect.
10. Your Cricut Maker 3 setup is complete with a Windows device.

Note: While selecting the Bluetooth Dongle, you must buy the one with audio devices. There is no guarantee that all Bluetooth Dongle will connect with Cricut. However, the dongles that support audio devices will definitely connect with the machine.

How to Install Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine?

So, you have bought your new Cricut Explore Air 2. Well, you should know that your purchase comes with free content that can be useful for material customization. Now, let’s begin the setup procedure for Cricut Explore Air 2. Windows/ Mac

Choose Images from the left of the Canvas.
2. Then, you need to select the option Image Sets under the Highlighted Categories section.
3. Next, choose the Ownership option, then tap on the Purchased filter to view the subjects and contents that came as free with your machine.You can also view Design Space contents or cartridges linked to your account.Now, the T-Shirt collection image set will appear as Purchased once the machine set up is complete. iOSStart by selecting the option Image from the bottom of the Canvas. Then select the option Image Sets under the Highlighted Categories section.Choose the filter in the upper-right corner.
Then, go to Ownership, then Purchased, and click on Done to view the accessible content from Design Space, from your machine, or cartridges that are linked to your account.Now, the T-Shirt collection image is all set will be marked as Purchased after completing the new machine set up.

How to Download Cricut Design Space to Windows?

Cricut offers its own 
Cricut Explore Air 2 setup software for all your devices. Here, find the downloading steps for the Design Space Windows

Go to any browser and provide the URL Download. Now, your screen will change and appear different from every browser.
When the download is complete, double-click on the file.
The downloaded file can be in the browser and Downloads folder.0
If a Window displays to ask if you trust the application, agree to the option.After that, a set window will show the installation status.Next, you have to sign in with the Cricut id and password you have generated.Now, a Design Space app for your desktop will be added automatically.Thereafter, right-click on the icon and choose the option Pin to Taskbar.You can also tug the app by dragging it to the taskbar.Your Cricut Explore Air 2 setup software is complete.


Question: How do I Connect the Printer to the Cricut Maker 3 machine?

: Here is how to connect the printer and Cricut Maker:Sign in to the Design Space app and choose the option Account Menu.Choose Print, then Cut.Select the printer you are using, then tap on Print.Create your account at the prompts and complete the setup.

Question: How do I register the Cricut products?

: Register your Cricut products via a browser and enter Design Space for desktop.Choose a new machine setup from the menu in the upper left corner.Select the machine setup.Follow the prompts.

Question: Can you make stickers with Cricut?

: Make your colorful DIY stickers with printable sticker paper. With the Cut and Print feature, you can use endless color possibilities. Just register your machine at and use your home printer.